Make the Most of Your Time on Earth

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Author: Phil Stanton, and the Rough Guides Team

Published: First Edition, 2007; Second Edition, 2010; Third Edition, 2016

Geographic Area: Worldwide

Original Language: English


Some of you may have heard of this guide’s brother from another mother, 1,000 Places to See Before You Die. The two are very similar; they both, in fact, feature 1,000 things to do. While 1,000 Places is a classic of travel guides and I think everyone should read it, I myself prefer Make the Most of Your Time on Earth.

Make the Most has more of an emphasis on experiences rather than just locations, and is heavier on photos. It is more engaging, more visually interesting, and in my opinion, just more fun to flip through.

The guide is divided up between geographic regions, and lists everything from the tried-and-true to the adventurous. Opening up to a random page in the USA section, you can expect to find both “Paddling in the Pacific” and “Tracing civil rights history in Montgomery.” Move over to the East Asia section, and it can be “Have a sake party at Fuji Rock” in Japan and “Shopping at the mother of all markets” in Kashgar, China. The wide variety of activities you can learn about on just two pages is pretty astounding.

Each geographic section ends with a “Good to Know” page about useful facts for the region, such as language, customs, bits of defining moments in history, and quotes and proverbs. At the very end of the book, you will find both an Index by Country and an Index by Theme, for your reference.

It’s a fun book and it will really pique your interest in seeing parts of the world maybe you wouldn’t have considered before. Make the Most of Your Time on Earth will help you do just that.


If you would like to purchase the latest version of the book, you can use the affiliate link below. In full disclosure, I will get a small percentage of any sale.

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