Happy 2-Year Anniversary to 9 to 5 Voyager!

It’s been an awesome ride, even with much of 2020 being marred by covid. It feels like just yesterday I was sitting down in front of my old laptop in my old apartment back in Austin, pushing through all the doubt and forcing myself to type up my Guatemalan adventures. With the support of my girlfriend Kristen and my friends and family, I overcame my nervousness and took the leap of faith to put my work out there. 

From those humble beginning, 9 to 5 Voyager has grown exponentially in terms of readership

What I Accomplished

Looking back on my Happy 1 Year to 9 to 5 Voyager post from 2020, one of my biggest milestones was starting my YouTube channel, which has been just as much fun as contributing to the blog. You can view my most recent video below:  

While my Panama/Colombia trip was cancelled back in March 2020 due to covid, I was eventually able to travel to Colombia in December. You can read about my experiences in my post Colombia, Part I and in 3 Fun Day Hikes from Minca, Colombia. I will updating and adding to my Colombian travelogues over the coming weeks.

Perhaps most significantly, in January I officially became a professional travel blogger! That’s right, I got my first ad revenue check!

It took me a year and eight months of writing and networking to get there, and alas, it wasn’t quit-my-job-and-hit-the-road money, but it was something. I proved to myself that my blog *could* be a source of income, even if only a little bit. I’ve already earned other checks from the blog, slowly but surely, which helps offset the cost of running the blog. I look forward to the day where 9 to 5 Voyager pays for itself and more. 

And it’s all thanks to readers like you.

Looking Forward to the Next Year

Like I’ve been saying for a while now, I’m going to start posting gear review videos to my YouTube channel. I’m also going to be more diligent about creating useful content for you all. If there is anything anyone wants to know about in particular, or has a place I should check out and write about or take drone footage of, please let me know! I’m also looking for new day trip and vacation ideas. 

While things have been slow going, they’re really starting to ramp up in a big way. With the covid vaccines being released and places opening back up, I look forward to getting back out there! Safely, of course, and I wish the same for you all. 

Again, thank you so much for staying with me on this journey. The voyage is just beginning!



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4 Responses

  1. intellichick1 says:

    Congrats on the 2nd anniversary of your blog!! Much success as you continue to grow your audience.

  2. Greg says:

    WOW! 2 years already!? Congratulations! Great posts, hope folks get a lot out of it.

    • Thank you!! Yeah I had originally started writing one long post on the best travel packs I’d used, but decided it would be better to first publish them individually.

    • I’ll be updating these gear review posts with a rating system as soon as I come up with some good metrics. And I’m getting serious about the YouTube videos finally.

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