Happy 1 Year to 9 to 5 Voyager!

It was the best I could do Googling “travel birthday cake” lol

Today, April 29th, marks 1 year that I’ve been running 9 to 5 Voyager!

The past year has been an awesome voyage in and of itself, as I navigate the waters of being a travel blogger. I’m happy that I finally decided to take all my daydreaming and finally *do* something with it, creating this website. While these past few weeks have seen a major slowdown in output due to the lack of travel, I’m determined to get back at it by writing about older experiences and adding more tips for budget travel.

More than anything, I appreciate everyone who’s been following my blog and supporting me over the past year. People from all over the world have continued to read my work and comment and share my posts, which is incredible.

While I’m *still* bummed that my planned voyages to Panama and Colombia were canceled due to COVID-19, I’ve also been reading that some countries are in the process of opening back up, little by little. While this disease is still a major threat to the world, it gives me hope that it will gradually ease back, and the world’s borders will be open once again!

As always, stay safe out there, and thank you for your support.


Alek ZD, 9 to 5 Voyager

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2 Responses

  1. Greg says:

    Congratulations on the anniversary! Keep cranking out the great tips and reviews, some great info and stories in here.

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